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Because unfortunately, we are not always in flight….


The readytofly brand was created by flight crew for flight crew.

It was quite natural that the Afterlanding by Readytofly range appeared. It is mainly aimed at all aircrew but also at all aeronautical enthusiasts, enthusiasts, those who wish to keep the “aero” spirit even when they are not in flight.

Whether you have a “casual” or “sportswear” look, you will find a whole range of high-quality clothing at affordable prices in our online store.


An unbeatable value for money :

Often disappointed during our purchases, either by the quality or by the exorbitant prices offered, the Afterlanding by readytofly online store strives to offer you what we all expect:

High quality items at affordable prices, unbeatable value for money.

The brand's target is a range of "premium" products, just high quality items at an unbeatable value for money.

Created by a professional and aeronautics enthusiast for all enthusiasts:

All the items available in the Afterlanding by readytofly online store have been thought out, designed, tested and proven by our brand team made up of aeronautics professionals, pilots and commercial flight crew, and lovers of textiles and the object.

Each item is the subject of a long prior study, in consultation within the entire team, so that from design to marketing, every detail is optimized to deliver a high quality product to an unbeatable price:

- The quality of the materials: both for aesthetics, comfort, ease of maintenance and for durability over time

- The cut: It combines practicality, codes, sobriety and elegance.

- the finish: careful down to the smallest detail. The double stitching, the collar stays and the linings ensure our products have an impeccable hold.

- Marketing: this is carried out without intermediaries, directly from the manufacturing sites to the store. Only this shortened chain allows this unbeatable value for money.


The cheapest prices on the market:

The Afterlanding by readytofly online store strives to offer you the best prices on the market, particularly on the most common items, also sold by the competition.

This price reduction also applies to shipping costs.

This low price policy does not, however, make the online store a discount seller. It’s just the goal and philosophy of the brand.


Commercial quality:

A unique and refined presentation awaits you when you receive your items at your home. We also offer you the possibility, upon simple request, of packaging your products “ready to offer”.

We are of course available to assist you with any special requests (personalization or even special creation of items, bulk orders, hand delivery, etc.).

Companies, organizations, flying clubs, schools, airlines, Works Councils, our sales department is at your complete disposal for any specific study.


A rich and diverse clientele:

The Afterlanding by readytofly brand is mainly sold directly to its users, either through the online store or through its presence at certain aeronautical events.

In addition, a commercial department targets companies, organizations and airlines.

Its users are rich and varied but all have a few things in common: quality items at an affordable price!!

- Pilots and private aviation enthusiasts

- Technical or commercial flight crew in business or airline aviation.

- Aeroclubs, flying schools

- -Business or scheduled airlines


Commitments kept:

The philosophy of the Afterlanding by Readytofly brand being to fully satisfy its users, the store meets the commitments set out in the general conditions of sale.

- Delivery times are kept to a minimum.

- Payments by credit card are secured by the PAYPAL system.

- If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you.


After sales service:

Contact us , we remain fully attentive to your needs.

Do not hesitate to send us your complaints, observations or recommendations, the goal is to satisfy you and improve our quality of service.


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